Sunday, March 18, 2012

Update on Charlotte

photo cred to Paul Manning-Hunter

Hi there,

I have been in Charlotte now for about 3 weeks and am filling my scheldue with training,training,training. This weekend there was a little 2-day race which is good mental and race preparation for TT. I came in 3rd in both days which was a good result but my runs could've been faster and more consistent. On the second day of racing we paddled on green water that was left over from a St.Paddy's day celebration the day before, luckily it didn't distract me. The training has been going great so far

Friday, January 13, 2012

The New Year brings new goals

Big storm in January caused trees to uproot at a house down the road from ours!^

This new year brings new challenges as it is the Olympic Year. Our qualifying team trials are being held in Charlotte, NC in April and I hope to win the Olympic spot for Canada there.

On January 7th I attended the 2012 Athlete Advance that was presented in the 2010 Athlete Village in Vancouver. I attended 4 sessions and two inspiring athlete speeches. It was was a great way to learn and talk with other developing athletes of all different sports.

My club- CHilliwack Centre of Excellence held a 3-race series just last week. It was a great way to introduce kids into the sport of Slalom kayaking!

I leave for Charlotte at the beginning of March and meanwhile I will be preparing myself physically and mentally for Team Trials.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Holidays

I am back home from training in Ottawa and Charlotte, NC. It was a great Month and a 1/2 training camp in Charlotte, I got lots of practice and sessions in to prepare myself for Trials next year. I will be returning to Charlotte in the Spring when the water turns back on.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov 1st.

I am happily training here in Charlotte, NC. I will be here for another month and then will go home for Christmas.

The USNWC celebrated Halloween by dying the water red! This isn't the only time they have experimented with dying the water though. In March they dyed the water a bright green for St. Patrick's Day, I wasn't here to experience it but some paddlers say it was like paddling in Kool-aid!

Thank you to Scott Kish, an artist who painted this wonderful action shot of me. Thank you!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Heading Down South

I have been training in Ottawa since the beginning of September and it's time to head south to warmer weather and more training. Charlotte, North Carolina is home to the USNWC(U.S National Whitewater Centre). It has a great slalom course that will again host our Olympic Team Trials next year. If I want to have a great race at these Trials I will have to get all the practice I can get on the course. I will be down south for a little more than a month to get lots of training on and off the water.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Long Time no see

It has just been over a year since I have updated, I guess I just fell out of the whole blogging thing.

But, A lot has happened over the year and I'm sure there will be more news to come.

This year has been a big one. After racing in Mexico for the Pan-American Championships in January 2011, it was race prep for the 2011 National Team Trials which decides who will go to Europe for the World Cup Series and World Championships in September. I was a top contender to make it this year after my 3rd place finish last Team Trials(unfortunatly I didnt make the percentage to get on the team).

This years Team Trials was originally going to be held in Jonquiere, Quebec but due to high water it was changed to Valleyfield, PQ. I had an all-right week leading up to the race but I still felt determined to make the team. The race scheldue was a two day event with 2 runs on each day. Each run was a little mini race so you had to do well on all of them but if you did mess up on one, you could throw that one out as only three counted.

The first day went excellent for me. I felt great and I was able to transfer all that energy to my 2 runs. My first run I was only 10th's of a second off the top women and I quickly made percentage. For my second run I pulled through and won that run. I felt great the rest of the day and felt really confident on making the team. Thank you to the Daniels for the great sushi dinner, maybe sushi's my secret pre- race winner dinner!

I had a good sleep and the second day came around. I saw the new course set the night before so I was already visualizing my race run. I felt great, just like the day before and I knew I was going to make the National team. First runs came and I didn't do so well. I hit a lot of gates and the time was slow. I reassured myself that this run would be thrown out and I would have my second run to make it. I still felt physically good but I think mentally, I was not. Second runs came and went within a minute. Again my run wasn't the greatest, I still hit gates even though I tried my best not to hit them and because of that my time was slow. I felt un-focused and I felt exhausted without being physically tired.

I did not make the National Team, even though I had a stellar first day. I felt confused and frustrated on why I couldn't hold onto that focused, positive energy I had on the first day and pull through to make the team. I am now holding on the fact that I am 17 and had my first, real international experience last summer at the 2010 Junior World Championships and that I do not have that high intensity and and stressful race experience that many of the other girls have. I will not have that age/maturity gap be my excuse, it will only empower me to get better technically, mentally and physically stronger from what I am now to where I will be the top woman in Canada.

So anyways, I had a moment to myself to let out all the emotions and to look back on my race runs. When I came back to the racesite to socialize again I found out by my club coach Jon Allen that one of the women weren't going to 2 of the world cups and because I was 4th boat I had a chance to go to these races in place of her. I was extremely happy about this. I left that Team Trials witha low note of not making the National Team but also with a high note that I would still go to Europe to race a couple of World Cups.

My first ever World Cup was in L'Argentierre la Besse, France. It was a great experience in racing in a international race. I ranked 37th, 7 places out from semi-finals and was the 2nd best Canadian woman. The next world cup I attended was in Markleeberg, Germany. It was an artificial course and very different from the natural river racecourse in France. I ranked 42nd, I had missed a gate on my second run and my first run was slow. It was a great training trip, I learned a lot by going to these races in where I can improve on to get in the semi-finals and finals.

Our Canadian National Championships were held in my hometown of Chilliwack, BC. It didn't feel like any other Nationals because most of the National Team was racing in London for the Olympic Test event. It was an exciting week of training and racing, the river was very high for August but it was still race able. The courses that were set for the race were very challenging, exceptionally the Senior day. On my first run of Sunday I missed the gate that was the most challenging offset of the course. I knew I had to make some changes for my second run If I wanted to be Canadian Champion for the second time. I pulled off a clean run and was very pleased. It was a close race but I managed to get on top to name myself Canadian Women's Senior and Junior Champion for the second year. It was a great race put on by our local club and I say thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors for the event.

I am training in Ottawa this fall and I will be taking a month long training camp in Charlotte, North Carolina, the site of the 2012 Olympic Team Trials. It is important that I get as much training time as possible on the course as it could decide who will go to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. That is my dream, my goal to go to the Olympics and this is one of my chances. I am training hard and getting as much workouts as I can to get myself ready for these upcoming Trials. It will be a very busy year!