Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back from a long trip.

Well I'm home again, after a month away summers finished. Quebec was really fun, Jonquire was very cool to stay in, and Nationals went pretty good. Nationals were pretty good weather this year and the course was pretty hard, lots of features in it. The racing was kinda iffy on the Quebec cup race the weekend before, didn't do so well in the race. I then trained the week pretty easy doing C1( paddling in a canoe, with a one blade, oar like paddle) and some K1. The sprint on Friday wasn't so great either( Just paddling down the course as fast as you can, no gates). There were lots of waves to try to miss. But the first day of Nationals on Saturday was really great, It was the junior race but the seniors could race too if they wanted to. I had a really good race beating all the juniors
so I was really happy with my runs( had lots of touches though:( ) On Sunday it was the seniors race and I had qualified to race in it. It was a really hard course to race and every one was making mistakes on it. My first run wasn't great as I had two fifty second penalties on my run. My second run was good though as it was the fastest one run of the womens. At last year Nationals in Chilliwack, BC, John Hastings(an whitewater slalom paddler started this award called the Podium Prospect Award. It is this award to get more kids in different kinds of boats like C1 or downriver. I had won it last year and again i won it this year by doing C1 on the course and racing. He is very generous in the prizes this year as he had raised $1600 in cash and prizes. Four people can win the award: Two cadet, men and women and two juniors men and women. I think it is an good incentive to get more paddlers in different kinds of races. Overall I thought that It was a great Nationals and I can't wait for next year in Kanannaskis, Alberta!

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