Thursday, September 4, 2008

Best Week Ever.

Well, last week was soo great!!!!! Toby and Connor came to the Wack To do some training and cross- training with Ricky. I got to do some river runs like the canyon(which was so awesome) and paddle some gates on Tamahi. So then Toby and Connor also came up here to do the Thompson( Big volume, crazy swirly lines river) So Toby Connor Ricky and I went up on Saturday to do this river run. It started to rain and there was a accident on the highway so we had to wait about a hour. So we get up there and its super cold so we hurry to dress and get on the water. We warmed up and then paddled off! It was a great river run, no swims and some great surfing! Thank you Toby and Connor from taking me out for some good paddling. So then today me and Ricky went to do some gates at Tamahi so we had to rearrange some gates and I got out of my boat a lot so the second I got out of my boat I guess I didn't put it on the rocks enough and when I was pulling up the gate I saw my boat floating down the river! So I yelled at my mom and went sprinting down the rocks. Luckily Ricky was there to help save it and it was all good. It went down the pretty calm side and didn't get any water in it. I walked it back up to the top and got back in and paddled some more. Whew at least I'm doing boat repairs this week. :)

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