Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy days.

Ughhhhhh Christmas is already here, Where did all the time go? It has been really busy over the last months with school and all but I'm working out as much as I can! I'm getting ready to go to Charlotte, North Carolina again for a training camp, as I'm leaving this Fri the 12th. It's getting really cold here in the Wack but It hasn't snowed yet:P I first got my whiff of cold when I went down to Wisp, Maryland for a world series race in Sept./Oct. , and Holy moley It was FREEZING down there!
In October Me and my mom drove up to Whistler for the CKBC Fall Conference. It was also recognizing all the 2008 nominations. And I was so excited because I won 2008 Athelete of the Year!! Thank you so much everyone:D
And then today I am now sponsored by Western Canoeing and Kayaking!! THANK YOU sooo much, I am sure you guys will help me out a lot:)
Well just a few more days till I leave again, can't wait:)!!!

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