Monday, December 29, 2008

Yechh, storms and snow(lots of snow).

Well came back from reasonably warm North Carolina to come home- windy storms and lots and lots of snow. Charlotte was really good though, got to experience working with the national coaches of which I haven't worked with yet, almost got stuck in the conveyer belt(no worries, pulled the emergency rope just in time). And then when I was all packed and ready to go on the 21st, My flight was cancelled. It took some convincing out of the flight helper lady but I soon got a non stop flight to Seattle on the 24th. I didnt actually know how much snow there was but I heard it was a lot. And well, When I got home, I wished I lived in Charlotte. Sure I like the snow, but when you have to paddle in it with layers of clothing, it gets a little annoying. I did a little quading n my back yard and now I am doing a 3 day camp up here in Chilliwack on the low water tamahi. It's pretty funny cause I have to wear snow boots to trudge through the snow to actually get to the water. Brrrr!

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