Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello, hello!!

Wow, I'ts been a long time, my blog hasn't been working(have no idea why) and only a few days ago my brother got it all sorted out. Whew.

YAY!!! Team trials in about 1 1/2 months!! May 30, 31st, both junior and senior races are held at the pumphouse in Ottawa, Canada. :D I've been training a lot and going to the gym more often to get readyand pumped. The National coach came out to Chilliwack for a training camp after spring break and other girls came out too. It went really good and although Alberta athletes came they thankfully didn't bring any snow.

The weather in the Wack has been really amazing! It was up in the 20's a few days ago, but as it is spring rain has to come some time( predicted for this weekend:( ).

The end of school is only just beginning and I'm trying not to stress about all the homework I'm gonna have when I get back and the exams to study for, I can wait!

As I havnt been able to come on and update a few months ago I was awarded the 2009 Premiers Athletic Award and went to Vancouver for the wonderful little ceremony they did. I was so surprised and happy to win it. My grandma, Mom and I went down together and took the sky train there. It was very fun and a great experience for me and It was so cool to meet the Premier of B.C.!

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