Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back home, one long summer over.

At the put -in at the Ottawa River

At the first drop at Minden, Ontario

Sturgeon Falls near Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Alberta Van

Back at home and back from a very long summer. I got back yesterday afternoon from Skookumchuck( a really awesome tidal wave) and before that, the BC Championships were at our new artificial course Rutherford.

I've been gone for most of the summer being in Ontario and Quebec for the juinor tour and drove back to Kananaskis, Alberta for Pan Ams/Canadian Nationals.
Nationals went really great for me, I raced very well and became Junior( not really a surprise there) and Senior National Champion(big surprise there!). And I won the Podium Prospect award for the third time running now. I was and am really excited about racing and beating all the older girls.
A whole bunch of European paddlers came out and I was really honoured and excited for them to be racing and watching them race.

This was a really good paddling summer with lots and lots of paddling. No big injuries and only some aches and pains. Having the summer series before Nationals I think was great for me because I was already in the racing feel for Nationals and it just felt really natural to paddle each course. But grinding down to the last few days I just felt exhausted and tired( maybe a few rest days would be better for next time).

Now school is slowly creeping upon me and the training season now begins. I hope this sunny weather stays and school be delayed.

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