Thursday, April 1, 2010

50 more days!

Hello there! April 1st and that means a month and a little till Canadian Trials. So much has happened, I don't know where to start. So I decided not to go to Charlotte for it was too much money for two little races, but something else came my way.

Every year my school, Sardis Secondary holds a Strongman Competition, It was from March 22 to 26. I was reluctant to enter for fear of injuring myself but everyone else urged me to enter. There were events such a Tire Flip, Sled Pull, Sandbag Shuffle, Sled push and Farmers Carry. It lasted all week, and there were about 7 girls.

First day was the Sled Pull, You had a huge heavy-duty rope to which you had to pull a 90 kg sled. I had never done anything like that before except maybe a tug-a-war in elementary school. I was really nervous because it was at lunch and praticaly the whole school watched you. I had gotten in third( did I mention I was the only grade 10 too?).

The next day, Tuesday; it was the Sandbag Shuffle. There were 4 different weight sandbags in 4 corners, you had to get all of them in the middle circle. On my try I lifted the most heaviest one well with no mistakes or error. I then ran to the second heaviest and almost dropped it trying to pick it up, I guess I was to excited and didn't take my time. I then kind of stumbled to the middle circle without a firm grip on the sandbag and tripped. I thought I could throw it and not keep holding on, but that didn't happen. I guess I was still holding on the sandbag as it hit the floor thus twisting my right arm and sending immense pain through it. It had hurt like I had broke it but I thought I should really finish this and get the point. I then ran to the third heaviest and rolled it to the middle as I couldn't have used my right arm. Though unexpectedly I started to hear a little cheering a clapping but then I heard the whole gym roaring, banging and cheering. Someone told me I had got a Standing ovation by the whole audience! I finally got to the lightest sandbag and lifted it to the end. My arm had really hurt so I left right after to go to the ER to get an Xray just to be sure. The wait wasn't that bad, only 31/2 hours by the time I got home. My elbow was the area that was injured but it was only hyperextended so no muscle-tearing.

The rest of the day I iced my elbow every 15 mins to ensure a fast recovery. The next event was the Tire Flip. You had to lift a 200lb tire 10 times, but it was only half because half of the tire would stay on the floor. I really still wanted to do the competition so I just pushed through all the events and ended up 1st in Lightweight girls, I didn't think I would win. Another surprise was I had won the prestigious "Most Inspirational Performance" award which was pretty cool.

The Ceder Race was on March 13 and 14 and thanks to local paddler Dave Zimmerman for letting me and my coach stay at his house for one night, The steaks were awesome! The water was lower than last time but it still was fun to race.

Rich Weiss is coming up next weekend on Tamahi river, Let's hope its not too high for all the Albertans coming out.

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