Monday, April 26, 2010

Crunch Time

Well, less than a month to go till Team Trials, I'm finally realizing that it is here.

Recently I have raced two local races, the Rich Weiss Memorial and the Cowichan. Tamahi was at a good level for the young Albertans who came out for a training camp. I was first womens and third overall. The prizes were especially handy( a flashlight) for we had no power at my house because a tree branch ripped out the power lines. No power for about 5 days is pretty brutal when you have a well.

The cowichan race was situated on the Cowichan River near Duncan, Vancouver Island. I left bright and early with fellow racers and my coach and ate the infamous expensive ferry food. The river was higher than the last time I was there. There was a good turnout, Dan Norman, the race organizer; had a bunch of his students out there on the water. I was the fastest boat that day but I wasn't that excited about my runs.

Countdown to Trials begins!

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