Friday, January 13, 2012

The New Year brings new goals

Big storm in January caused trees to uproot at a house down the road from ours!^

This new year brings new challenges as it is the Olympic Year. Our qualifying team trials are being held in Charlotte, NC in April and I hope to win the Olympic spot for Canada there.

On January 7th I attended the 2012 Athlete Advance that was presented in the 2010 Athlete Village in Vancouver. I attended 4 sessions and two inspiring athlete speeches. It was was a great way to learn and talk with other developing athletes of all different sports.

My club- CHilliwack Centre of Excellence held a 3-race series just last week. It was a great way to introduce kids into the sport of Slalom kayaking!

I leave for Charlotte at the beginning of March and meanwhile I will be preparing myself physically and mentally for Team Trials.

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